I went to my auntie's house and just found out that shes cooking lunch hmmmm, and its Ginisang Mais, Im starving hehehe, I just ask her if I could taste and have the recipe, and its good, she told me that its very basic on its cooking. Hope this help in our daily eating hehehehe, enjoy...

I suggest you can match it up with fried fish or any dried fish (tuyo, da-eng na isda)


8 cobs of white corn (grated)
1 onion
3 tomatoes
small slices of PORK
Talbos ng Sili (sili leaves), or Malungay Leaves
Black Pepper
Fish sauce to taste


1. Set your stove in medium, put your Pork slice into water let it boil, Let you water dries and let your pork cook on its own oil for few minutes (dont let it over cook).
2. Set aside your pork, then Saute onion, garlic, tomatoes with fish sauce to taste.
3. Add the pork to your sauted onion, garlic and tomatoes
4. Add the corn
5. Add enough water
6. Add some seasoning for your taste
7. Add the Talbos ng Sili or Malungay leaves
8. Let it simmer for few minutes and it's ready to serve.


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is the corn cub already cooked before grating it...???

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